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Has your Samsung tablet that you use for work suddenly broken? Until yesterday it was working perfectly, but when you turned it on today there was no sign of life, even after charging it. You’ve tried connecting it to the computer and it still won’t switch on. Do you need someone qualified to repair your broken tablet? iRiparo is your best ally, as you’ll find specialist mobile and tablet repair technicians at our outlets. We know what it means to use a device every day for work, only for it to suddenly break, and all the problems and worries that this can cause. iRiparo was created with the aim of resolving all problems associated with tablets and mobiles of all makes and models. We’re dedicated to express repairs, so you can use your tablet again in a few hours for a much lower price than the cost of a new one. Whatever the problem with your Samsung tablet, we’ll be able to offer you a solution. Among other things, we can replace the screen if your tablet has fallen on the floor and the screen has shattered. We can replace the battery, buttons, camera, speaker, fix software problems, etc... All repairs also come with a 12-month warranty.

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You can trust iRiparo completely, because our figures speak for themselves. We’re the best option for mobile and tablet repairs; the European leaders with more than 300 outlets and over 480,000 repaired devices so far. We’ve carried out over 29,000 different repairs for more than 1 million customers, the vast majority of whom are happy with our services. The key to our success is having the most advanced tools on the market, together with the sector’s best technicians. A specialist technician will carefully examine your device and offer you the best solution to carry out the repair as quickly as possible.