In iRiparo centers we use different types of spare parts including original spare parts compatible and refurbished to meet different repair and expense needs. Compatible spare parts (present today for almost all iPhones and iPads) that are fitted by iRiparo specialists have been individually selected and previously tested by internal technical personnel.

Compatible Spare Parts

From iRiparo you can save money by requesting repair with a tested and guaranteed compatible spare parts.

Refurbished Parts

iRiparo also thinks about the environment and uses original spare parts that are refurbished and fully functional.

Original replacements

If saving is not your first necessity and you don’t want to give up the highest quality, you can choose to use original spare parts.

Ask an iRiparo store

By clicking on the “Shops” menu item you can find the nearest iRiparo store and decide whether to go directly to the store or call, to find out about the type of replacement available for your mobile device and to receive an initial indication of the repair times and costs.