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Has your Xiaomi mobile fallen on the floor and now the screen won’t turn on? The solution is simple and immediate: take your mobile to iRiparo, where mobile repairs of all makes and models are our raison d’être. In fact, we specialise in repairing all kinds of parts: from the screen or battery to buttons, the camera or speaker. The technicians at iRiparo are sector specialists, trained to deal with any problems that may occur during the mobile repair and resolve them quickly, so you can enjoy your mobile again in a few hours. To repair your Xiaomi mobile, you’ll have a wide range of replacement parts and many possible repairs to choose from, not only for the hardware but also the software, from the simplest procedures to more complicated ones like fixing a wet mobile. The mobile repair services offered at iRiparo range from replacing Xiaomi batteries, repairing and controlling rear cameras, changing the screen, touch screen and LCD, to fixing USB or USB-C connectors or repairing and replacing the power or volume buttons on all Xiaomi devices.

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Xiaomi Mobile Cracked Screen Battery Replacement Camera Repair

When you’re browsing the internet, looking at social media or simply making a call to a relative with your Xiaomi mobile, you realise that you’re holding a great device that stores all your information: contacts, photos, videos, etc.
If your Xiaomi mobile starts to fail (whether because of a problem with the screen, battery, buttons or speaker), you need to find a mobile repair centre that can give you a fast, reliable solution. iRiparo is Europe’s leading mobile and tablet repair franchise. One of our strong points is the express repair, where you can have your mobile perfectly repaired and ready to work again like new in under an hour. Furthermore, all our repairs come with a 12-month warranty, so all you have to worry about is enjoying your Xiaomi mobile once again.