Protect your devices now

with ZAGG self-healing films

Self-healing technology

The ZAGG protective film, thanks to its high technology, is in fact able to self-regenerate itself over and over again when it is damaged by scratches or other marks. In just a few minutes the film practically returns as new.

Lifetime warranty

All ZAGG films have a free replacement warranty for the entire life span of the device. If the film tears, breaks or deteriorates, you can request replacement directly in the store.

Application without bubbles

Thanks to the installation carried out directly by our specialized iRiparo technicians, there will be no unsightly air bubbles on your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. The film will adhere perfectly to the screen and will be practically invisible.

ZAGG self-healing films

The standard film that protects from scratches and bumps without leaving bubbles.

Available for smartphones and tablets starting at € 14.90

ZAGG self-healing films

Protection from scratches and bumps with greater visual clarity. Leaves no finger marks on the film.

Available for smartphones and tablets starting at € 19.90
For smartwatch at € 9,90

ZAGG self-healing films

Protection three times greater than the classic tempered glass films. Greater visual sharpness than HD film.

Available for smartphones for €24,90

Free and immediate application in the store!

ZAGG self-regenerating films are available in the following iRiparo sales stores: