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Why choose iRiparo

Warranty on all repairs

We offer a guarantee on all our repairs. A full 12-month Warranty called iRiparo Protection! In the event of a malfunction post repair iRiparo will solve the problem free of charge.

Express walk in repairs

We know what you’re looking for, the quality and speed is key of our service. Many repairs can be made on the same day. We know how to work quickly to solve problems and make you happy.

Trained and specialized technicians

In our stores you will find highly specialized technicians who, in addition to repairing any type of smartphone and tablet, are able to provide timely and adequate assistance throughout the world of mobile devices.


Have you broken your device? No panic!

Did you drop your device and broke the glass? Does the battery run out quickly? Has your device stopped working?


Come to the store

Bring your device to one of our stores.


Our technicians at work

Our technicians are super qualified and will take good care of your device. In some cases they can do the repair in a day.


Your device is like new

99% of repairs are successful. Furthermore with iRiparo Protection you will have a 12-month coverage on non-accidental damage.


Do you want to talk to someone?

Get assistance by phone, chat or email, request a repair or make an appointment with the iRiparo Laboratory.

Write on Whatsapp on 335 1357964

Send an email to info@iriparo.com

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Not just repairs

At iRiparo sales points you will find a selection of refurbished and used devices guaranteed for 12 months.
And if your device still has value, the iRiparo can evaluate it, exchange it and buys it.


If you want to buy an iPhone or a pre-owned device, just go to the iRiparo sales point in your area.
You will find a range of last-generation used devices fully functional and covered by a 12-month iRiparo warranty.

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Are you tired of your old device? In any of our stores you can choose to exchange your Smartphone or Tablet for a refurbished and guaranteed iRiparo device.
You can choose between devices in the store or a list of models available to order.

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If you want to sell your used device you can ask an iRiparo store. The value of the smartphones and tablets used is very variable and depends on the brand from the model and several other factors.
iRiparo technicians are able to make an immediate evaluation of your used and to collect it directly in the store.

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