Sony Mobile Repairs

Mobiles have become an essential part of everyday life: browsing the internet, calling friends or watching your favourite series are just some of the activities you can do with a mobile. So when your device breaks due to an accidental fall, for example, you start to panic. But fear not! Mobile repairs are one of iRiparo’s specialities, where your mobile can be just as good as before. Do you have a Sony mobile? This brand is well-known for its resistant devices, but even the hardiest of mobiles can experience damage or mishaps; for example, they might fall in water. When that happens, there are many home remedies on the internet that you can try to temporarily fix the problem, but what if your Sony mobile doesn’t turn on, or what if the audio stops working? Sony mobile fans know how important the speakers are in every model, even the cheaper ones. Listening to music on a Sony mobile is something else! To be sure you’re using a safe and guaranteed mobile repair store, don’t hesitate to visit iRiparo. We can repair your Sony mobile speaker in a few hours, with the full guarantee of our specialist technicians. iRiparo uses compatible, genuine or repurposed parts to always offer maximum efficiency as well as our 12-month warranty.

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Sony Mobile Cracked Screen Battery Replacement Camera Repair

Sony mobiles are known for their durable batteries, thanks to functions that allow you to monitor software (applications) or hardware (screen) use. What can you do if you leave your mobile on charge all night but half way through the morning it’s down to 30%? There’s no need to buy a new mobile; just visit an iRiparo outlet. Thanks to the experience of our specialist technicians, we can fit a new battery to your device. You can choose from genuine or high-quality compatible parts. In every case, we’ll return your mobile with a battery that’s ready to have a useful life like the first day. Furthermore, we provide a 12-month warranty on all repairs carried out at iRiparo.
So, if you need a fast, effective repair, don’t hesitate: call iRiparo or find your closest store; there’s bound to be one near you.