Breaking your smartphone and tablet is always an unpleasant event. iRiparo was created to solve this problem in the best possible way. At our sales network or through our online shop you can quickly repair your mobile devices and decide whether to spend less by replacing spare parts with compatible products or using original spare parts.

Our Specialized Technicians

In iRiparo stores you will find highly specialized technicians who are able to identify the right diagnosis and take charge of any type of smartphone and tablet on the market for repair, to solve the problem even on the same day.

Compatible Spare Parts

From iRiparo you can save money by using compatible spare parts or new products that can replace the originals.

Refurbished Parts

iRiparo also thinks about the environment. In fact, you can choose refurbished spare parts, that is original products previously repaired.

Original replacements

We have the widest selection of original spare parts for both smartphones and tablets for those who never want to compromise on quality.

Find an iRiparo store

Our express repair network now has over 180 iRiparo stores in Italy and the number of sales points is growing strongly. Thanks to our network of stores we serve the customers of the main Italian cities.