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More than 360 stores across Europe carry out fast, accurate and guaranteed smartphone repairs

iPhone Repairs


Apple iPhone Repairs and Assistance: quality compatible replacement parts for iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and all iPhone models.

Samsung Repairs


Samsung Repairs and Assistance: genuine and compatible replacement parts for all Samsung S, A, J and Note series models.

Huawei Repairs


Huawei Repairs and Assistance: genuine and compatible replacement parts for all Huawei P30, P20, P10 and Mate models.



Broken Mobile? Cracked Screen? Trust the iRiparo technicians: speed and professionalism to repair your mobile.



We offer iPad repairs and assistance: choose iRiparo to fix battery or power problems, a cracked screen or accidental damage.



Broken tablet? Cracked screen? For all Samsung, Asus, Huawei, Lenovo or Mediacom tablet repairs, you can trust iRiparo.



iPod support and assistance: iRiparo offers iPod repairs in case of problems with the battery, screen or accessories.



We specialise in repairing Apple Watches and Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei Smartwatches: screen replacement, battery replacement or software problems.

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Why choose iRiparo

iRiparo is the Mobile Repair franchise that has revolutionised the sector. Over 100 outlets in Spain carry out express Mobile and Tablet repairs with a 12-month warranty. iRiparo is the solution to replace your mobile or tablet screen, or replace the battery when it doesn’t last as long as it used to. At our stores, most repairs are carried out the same day: speed and customer satisfaction are our main goal.

We offer repairs for the most popular mobile phone brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei, but we also specialise in assisting with lesser-known brands such as Honor, LG and Asus.

In addition to mobile repairs, our technicians also specialise in repairing all types of tablets, such as all iPad models; Smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch; and MP3 players, including iPods. Whatever the damaged device, you can count on iRiparo!

Warranty on all repairs

We offer a guarantee on all our repairs. A full 12-month Warranty called iRiparo Protection! In the event of a malfunction post repair iRiparo will solve the problem free of charge.

Express walk in repairs

We know what you’re looking for, the quality and speed is key of our service. Many repairs can be made on the same day. We know how to work quickly to solve problems and make you happy.

Trained and specialized technicians

In our stores you will find highly specialized technicians who, in addition to repairing any type of smartphone and tablet, are able to provide timely and adequate assistance throughout the world of mobile devices.